Poetry Translation Residency
Purnendu Patri Shilpagram, Dhandali
17,18 and 19th August,2023

Let poetry soar
beyond languages, 
forms, countries
and more…

Triguna Sen Auditorium, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 
20th August 10 am – 8 pm

Welcome To

Kolkata Poetry Confluence

The Antonym committed to translation of literature brings the second edition of the Trans-lit festival with nationally and internationally acclaimed poets and translators.


Poetry Translation Residency - Apply Now

This 3 day immersive poetry translation residency will have six translator participants working on six contemporary Bengali poets. The participants will be selected through application and review of their portfolio of translation works. We plan to translate 5-10 poems of each selected poet in the three day period and  expect the  collaboration to continue further, eventually producing a volume worth of translated poems for each poet. 

Poetry In Motion

Songs Of Our Sisters We share the same land but we do not meet. We share the same nationality but there is an invisible border that separates us. We sing the same songs in different languages but never get the chance to hold hands and share them. Body in Verses
The underlying idea is to form an orchestra that can harmonize the work of all the poets on stage. influenced as they are by their diverse lingusitic traditions, through performances where the word is supported and amplified by a plurality of artistic languages.

Book Releases

This time Antonym Collection brings multiple books of poetry curated from Bengali, French, Turkish and Italian - each carrying unique poetic experiences - come, listen and read