Kolkata Poetry Confluence – River of Words is a transformational poetry experience celebrating multilingualism and cultural diversity

Crossing the Bridge – Where Languages Meet, is a multilingual translation competition focused on translation of poetry from various Indian languages into English and Bengali. We have chosen 10 Indian languages and one renowned poet from each language. Every poet has provided five of their poems which are up for translation competition – Jibanananda Award for translation into English awarded by The Antonym and Sonali Ghoshal Award for translation into Bengali awarded by Bhasha Samsad.

Music of Poetry – Words Come Alive, is an international poetry event focused on performance of poetry as music, theater, installation poetry, rap, slam and any other forms. The idea is to transform poetry from words to experience. Several performances in different languages and forms will be presented over two days.

Poetry that cares  – Poetry together is how Kolkata Poetry Confluence becomes socially inclusive. We plan to hold Kotodama ( sound before poetry) workshops with blind and deaf children. There is also a plan to hold verse poetry workshops with autistic children.  

Poetry in Motion – Verse through the lenses,  is where cinema and poetry  complement each other. While cinema has been lyrical and poetic, poetry has explored the visual. Directors have often used the lyrical quality of visuals to explore emotions or situations. We will look at world cinema as well as contemporary cinematic take of Indian poetry films apart from a competition on the same.

Poetry in the Air – When words get wings, is an event to incite love for poetry and poetry performances with society at large. This involves poetry reading, performances at college campuses , exclusive poetry book fair as well as folk poetry.

Event dates : 11th and 12th June, 2022

Venue: EZCC, Kolkata