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Kolkata Poetry Confluence

The Antonym and Bhasha Samsad committed to translation of literature bring this event for the very first Trans-lit festival with nationally and internationally acclaimed poets and translators.

Crossing the Bridge

Multilingual Poetry Translation Competition

Jibanananda Das award for translation into english

Sonali Ghoshal Award For Translation Into Bengali


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Multilingual Poetry Competition

Crossing the Bridge - where languages meet, is a multilingual translation competition focused on translation of poetry from various Indian languages into English and Bengali. Jibanananda Award for translation into English awarded by The Antonym and Sonali Ghoshal Award for translation into Bengali awarded by Bhasha Samsad.

music of poetry

Poetry Performances

Poetry In The Air

When words get wings, is an event to make the confluence socially immersive. We will have poetry book fair, Open Mic for poetry reading and performances, Youth Poetry involving children of all ages and folk poetry celebrating traditions.

Poetry In Motion

Films can be created to bring new meaning and dimension to pre-existing poetry. In our attempt to explore various facets of poetry, we have dedicated Poetry in motion towards conversations on visual poetry, screening of renowned poetry films as well as a poetry films competition open to all. The poetry films selected in the competition will also be screened during the event.

Poetry Cares

Kolkata Poetry Confluence wants to be socially inclusive. We plan to hold Kotodama( sound before poetry) workshops with the visually and aurally challenged members of Anyodesh. Ikaro Valderama will hold the workshop with performers from Anyodesh. We plan to inaugurate the main stage events with Kotodama performances.