Jalasrot Katha Koi

Music of Poetry


An intense feeling of deep affection towards our city Kolkata has actually given the birth of the idea of Jalasrot Katha Koy. The production is well-knitted audio visual presentation of major works of Bengali Literature which have depicted various feets of Kolkata starting from Manasa Mangal Kabya till the Choicest modern literary works of Bengal Literature. The entire production blended with poems, songs, history with literature, elocution with oratory, music with drama, projection and bringing low brow and highbrow cultural ways of life as it close it could be. The city life was delineated through a series of eclectic fragments of literary works and performed by collective efforts of artists of Belgharia Shankhamala lead by its director Sumantra Sengupta It is a historic production in the field of recitation and from 2004 onwards Belgharia Shankhamala has managed to stage this production more 70 times not only in different parts of Bengal but also in abroad and has been praised by huge number of audience.

Production Name: Jalosrot Katha Koy
Script: Koushik Roy Chowdhury
Set Design Nilava Chattopadhyay
Music : Suvendu Maity
Light Design: Subrata Majumdar
Direction: Sumantra Sengupta
Duration: 75 min